DEPARTMENT WISE WORKING PROCEDURE: *In order to ensure smooth execution of all our valued orders we have dedicated individual team of highly skilled / experienced professionals in all departments who work as individual team under direct supervision of the top Management. Flow chart of the working team is as under.

*Merchandising: We had our individual merchandising team based on specific products. Each team has a Team leader headed by a Manager along with him Senior Merchandisers/ Merchandisers make one team. They are the Functional Merchandiser backed by Technical Manager equipped with CAD support and in- house Sampling Section.

*In-house Q.C: Each Merchandising Team has dedicated team of In-house Q.C to support Functional Merchandising team during the sampling stage. Practically they provide all sorts of technical support/guidance/trouble shooting to the concerned factory before starting bulk production since they are involved from development stage of any order. This team is also assigned to check & ensure about required quality parameters of all the Fabrics those are ready for bulk production. As we have a “Lab” in our office to conduct the basic Tests like Shrinkage, Twisting, Color Fastness and some other basic Test of all the dyed lots which gives us additional support to control the quality parameter of the bulk production. Besides this we also do required tests by international reputed testing companies.

*Production and Quality assurance:  Our Quality Assurance (QA) Managers of each division are assigned to conduct the Quality Audit and supervise day to day

production activities. These Managers are well experienced from diversified background of the Textile trade like Knits, Woven, Sweater and Home Textile.

Pre-final and Final Inspection is the key responsibilities of Q.A Managers on top of Production Planning and Control. Below the Q.A Managers we allocate Senior Q.Cs and Q.Cs for each factory on full time basis to monitor the whole production process starting from Cutting – Sewing – Packing including daily Audit and Inline Inspection on regular basis.

*We also have individual audit team who are doing audits without announcement in running production randomly and frequently.

*Pre-final inspection is done on AQL 2.5 & 4 (Level 1) by our Pre-Final Inspection Team. If Pre-final Inspection passed then the Final Inspection is done as per Buyer’s requirement by our Final Inspection Team.

Fabric Q.C -Those are specialized in Fabric manufacturing process only. We have separate teams for Knits, Woven, Sweater, Home Textile – all allocated for all the factories to monitor the production process from the grass root level like Yarn count, Machine Gauge/Diameter, Knitting / Weaving technique, Dyeing / finishing process and conduct Final inspection before sending them to the Garment Sewing Floor.

(2) Test Q.Cs – Those are assigned to looks after the Washing (wet & dry both) process of the orders having such requirement. They are also highly experienced & well conversant about the modern techniques of all types of washing process of today’s textile market.